Protecting your computer with good anti malware software is very important as malware today is extremely sophisticated. Even if you have good backup in place, if you were unlucky enough to be infected with something like CryptoLocker it could encrypt your backup as well as all your files leaving you in a very difficult situation. So install good anti malware software and keep it updated.

In the past anti malware software tended to slow your computer down and whilst that is still true, most modern PCs can easily accommodate the demands of protection software. In the past some free anti malware software was very good but there is now a gap between free software and paid-for versions. Unfortunately both Avast and AVG free aren’t as good as they once were so if you have either of those packages installed it would be worth changing to something else.

Computer Shopper recently reviewed all the major software and the overall winner was Kaspersky Total Security 2016, achieving perfect detection rates. A 30 day free trial of Kaspersky can be downloaded here. Both Norton Security and ESET put in good performances too. At the other end of the scale, the once excellent BullGuard performed badly as did AVG and Avast. McAfee has been very poor in tests for the last couple of years, but we are pleased to see it improving, not least because it comes bundled with so many Windows PCs by default. Windows 10 also includes Windows Defender which wasn’t tested but will also protect your PC from Malware if you don’t load alternative anti malware software.

Macs aren’t immune to infections and whilst it still isn’t such a big risk right now, it’s getting steadily worse. Intego has been providing high-quality Mac protection for many years and remains a very capable product. It came top in a recent macworld review with ESET performing well too.

On the subject of cost, even if you’re not changing anti malware software it’s often cheaper to buy a brand new boxed version of software and not upgrade through your existing package. Take a look an Amazon’s prices in the first instance. Many vendors charge a higher price on their website than is available from independent resellers.

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