Protecting your computers with good anti-virus software remains one of the most important aspects of business technology as malware today is extremely sophisticated. Even with a good backup in place, if you were unlucky enough to be infected with something like CryptoLocker it could encrypt your backup as well as all your files leaving you in a very difficult situation. So install good anti-malware software and keep it updated.

Computer Shopper recently reviewed all the major software and the overall winners were Norton Internet Security, Trend Micro and Kaspersky Total Security with all three achieving top 100% detection rates. ESET put in a good performance too.  At the other end of the scale, Bullguard performed badly as did Intel Security (McAfee), Microsoft and Avast.  Symantec Endpoint Protection remains an excellent business product, either through the cloud version or installed from a local Windows server.

For Apple Macs used in business, we rate Flextivity which uses Intego’s protection engine.  Intego have been providing security for Apple’s OS X longer than anyone else and have a track record in discovering malware and updating their products to block it fast.

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