For some odd reason, Microsoft doesn’t provide an easy method to uninstall Office 2011 from a Mac.  There are instructions on Microsoft’s support website here, but they are very long winded.  Having had to uninstall Office 2011 many times over the last couple of years to upgrade our Customers to the (much better) Office 2016 for Mac, we have a script that automates this.   Be warned, even with this script it is still complex and requires use of the command line, but the script avoids typos and leaving elements of Office 2011 lingering around.  There are some important caveats:

  1. All local emails, contacts and other information will be deleted so make sure these are backed up somewhere else first;
  2. The Trash will be emptied and the mac restarted so close all important work before running this.

In other words, use at your own risk, and there’s no implied warranty with this!

  1. Open terminal and in all these steps replace yourusername with your user name (type whoami in Terminal if you are not sure).
  2. Download the script file from this link,  move it to a file in your home folder and save as (or name of your choice).
  3. In terminal, make it executable: sudo chmod 744 /users/yourusername/ and type your password when prompted
  4. To run the script type sudo /users/yourusername/

Follow the prompts, your Mac will restart.

Now you are ready to install Office 2016!