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Shortlands Computing specialises in improving business performance and reducing IT risk by making technology run smoothly.  Our consultants have significant experience, having trained with Europe’s leading technology support organisations.

We invest time to understand our customers’ business and provide technology that improves productivity at a sensible cost.  Our IT support service is responsive, tailored and reliable.  Our customers range from international organisations with 20-30 computers to small businesses with 3-5 people and a few PCs or Apple Macs.

We provide business IT support on a good-value, pay-as-you-go basis or alternatively provide a more formal support arrangement.  Our services cover everything a small to medium sized business requires for smooth running technology including day-to-day support, new computer set-up, business class email, security, file sharing, networks, and customer databases.

Why choose Shortlands Computing

Shortlands Computing strives for long-term, trusted partnerships with its customers. We always recommend what’s in our customers best interests based on a deep knowledge of technology and deliver it smoothly.

Our deep knowledge of technology means we provide excellent advice that improves business performance.  We communicate clearly and keep you fully informed on progress.  We deliver technology changes smoothly.

We are highly skilled in all business technology and have the latest remote support tools so we solve problems fast. Our advice improves your business efficiency and performance.

Take a look at the testimonials on this page. If you want to speak to anyone quoted for more details on our business IT support services, just ask!

Dedicated Technology Director

Each of our customers is on excellent terms with a Shortlands Computing technology director who understands their business, solves day-to-day IT issues and ensures technology improves their longer term business performance.  We take the time to build relationships so that our customers get personal, tailored advice from someone who really knows and understands what’s important to their business. Our established customers tend to forget we are Shortlands Computing and view us as a key part of their team.

Because we are independent and skilled in an extremely broad range of technologies, we recommend what’s best value and most appropriate for our customers’ businesses.  We are also extremely proficient at solving day-to-day IT issues and smoothly managing IT and technology changes.

What Others Say

Robert is a minefield of IT information. ORB outsourced our IT business to Shortlands Computing 18 months ago and we haven’t looked back. Robert is extremely thorough and always looking to find the most suitable solution both in terms of budget and requirement. We have recommended him to other businesses and would do so again

J Heald, MD, ORB

We run a small market research business with an office in central London and use Shortlands Computing to manage all aspects of our IT. Robert provides a rapid and very efficient service and in the last few months alone has managed to salvage 2 laptops from viruses. He has also set-up a cloud server as well as our emails and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses.

Matt Brooks, BPR Pharma
We’ve given them some ridiculous problems to sort out over the years and they always do – and quickly. I recommend them very highly.
Andrew Kelleher, Dog and Rabbit

We have been using Shortlands Computing for a couple of years, to update and maintain our small business computers, and found Robert Shackleton to be extremely proficient in his field. He has helped us extend our business systems from a simple, single laptop to a small network system. Have no problem at all in recommending them for any computer works.

Brian Nunn, BNS Kent

Shortlands Computing manage and support our technology including servicing our Apple Macs, call centre servers, and PDAs that support our global field operations. The service is very responsive, professional and an excellent value. We get good advice that leads to flexible solutions. Robert is a joy to work with and is one of the most dedicated consultants we’ve had.

Cara Carter, MD, ORB US

We are an animation studio and everything we do depends on having good upload and download connections that stay up or get back up asap should they ever go down. Shortlands Computing provides the service that ensures this day in and day out. For this reason, I endorse them.

Dave Anderson, Dog and Rabbit

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Other Business IT Support services

When you use Shortlands Computing for business IT support you are also getting access to the skills of an experienced IT Director.

We can help your business make the most from its technology. The Director responsible for your account will be a professionally trained technology and business advisor who has much experience with organisations both large and small. We can guide and advise you on good-value technology options to really help your business grow without spending more than you need to.

We work with our customers to create an IT Strategy as we get to know their business goals. Consequently, our customers use technology to help their business grow by clearly understanding the available IT options and controlling costs.

We can help you smoothly manage any change that involves technology. Our experienced team can take as much or little of the project management to compliment your resources and experience. We have an impressive track record of successfully delivering projects large and small and specifically help with developing plans and estimates in a form that’s easy to understand and communicate. We can also manage work that involves third parties and your own team. Some projects we typically get involved with include:

  • Telephone system upgrades
  • Office moves
  • Network rewiring
  • Web site development
  • Bespoke technology application development

Creating a powerful new website isn’t a simple task and getting it right requires input from people with different skills and strengths. Shortlands Computing can build web sites, like this one for example, however we more often manage the process to help you bring the right design, SEO and content production together. That saves you time by carefully planing and organising the work. Creating or updating your site will involve a range of suppliers and we can help you with independent advice so you understand what’s involved and pick the best options for your business goals. We typically coordinate:

  • The content production. At the end of the day, the words and messages on the site will come from your team as no one else understands your business well enough. But that takes precious time and the way to minimise that is through clear responsibilities and great planning. That’s where we help.
  • The web designer who will build the site’s look and feel
  • The choice or production of images, video and other media
  • The search engine optimisation work to get your site ranked high in Google and other search engines

We often give training for our business IT support customers. Most commonly this is working with an internal IT ‘super user’ or IT department so that there is the right split between IT support work that can be done in-house and business IT support carried out by Shortlands Computing. We eagerly train our customers so they can solve simple IT issues themselves even if this means less support for us in the short-term because we recognise our success comes from long-term partnerships!

We also run training sessions on subjects including Office macros and workflow, email and cloud storage configuration and steps to keeping Windows and Apple computers running fast.

About 25% of the computers we support are Apple Macs and we can recommend on security, networking, keeping applications updated in the same way as for Windows computers. As technology experts, we don’t actually regard Apple Macs so differently as perhaps our customers might. Where we do recognise differences is in environments that mix Apple Macs and Windows PCs. Here careful planning is important as Apple Macs and Windows can work well together, but won’t without some thought and planning. The areas we find to be most important to our business IT support customers are:

  • to easily and securely share files between users of Windows PCs and Apple Macs; and
  • to have an email system that works really well on both platforms;
  • secure logon access to Apple Macs and Windows;
  • backups; and
  • protection against malware and viruses.

Introduction to our Business IT Support service from Robert Shackleton

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We are not tied to anyone or paid to recommend any particular product. We know all relevant technologies for businesses and pick and choose what’s best on a case by case basis.


Our consultants have worked for some of Europe’s leading technology organisations and ensure technology improves productivity for our customers.

Highly recommended

We’re really proud of the excellent partnerships we have with our business IT support customers and we get great feedback.  Take a look at the reviews listed above. And just ask if you want to speak to anyone for more details.